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Is Buick's marvel Detroit thought a Camaro-sized coupe?

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As Bloomberg explains, it woulddefinitely gel with the influencethe corporateis attemptingto place out that it isnow not a emblem for the ones amongst one foot in the grave. Introducing a sports coupe, even as a concept, mayindeedmake stronger that message. And if it occurs to make production which isn't a certainty, Bloomberg's secret source says it wouldabsolutelyassist Buick force its reasonablecustomer age down from 59.

Bloomberg does notbe offering any hypothesis on Buick's new coupe, yetwe have not anytrouble making skilled guesses. Our maximumprofessional conjecture is this: this may ride on Overall Motors' Alpha platform, which underpins either the Camaro and the Cadillac ATS. And with a definite twin-turbocharged V6 in the GM stable, we now havewere givenan concept of what type of engine might be shown.

That speculation will need to suffice for now. But do not worry, we're going to take official details, are living images, and video tomorrow when Buick unveils its new thought in Detroit's Eastern Market.

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Buick May just Drop a Marvel Sports Coupe on us in Detroit » AutoGuide.com News

Buick May just Drop a Marvel Sports Coupe on us in Detroit » AutoGuide.com News

Car News via autoguide.com

AutoGuide.coms prediction is this new rear-wheel-drive coupe may be a modern day K National or GNX built at the same platform as the Cadillac ATS and Chevrolet Camaro. Its a great platform, and if Buick uses the similarbeautifuldual turbo V6 thats used in the ATS-V, the automakers staid lineup might get a load more exciting.

GM has also already confirmed that the C7 Corvette’s LT1 V8 will are compatible in the ATS chassis, which also waylets see that same engine in whatever this Buick sports coupe is.

Buick has been wanting desperately to decrease the demographic of its buyers, and a 400-horsepower RWD sports coupe might just be what the logo needs.

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The 2017 Buick LaCrosse And Ford Focal point RS Will Percentage This Improbable Feature

The 2017 Buick LaCrosse And Ford Focal point RS Will Percentage This Improbable Feature

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Share on Facebook Proportion on Twitter Oh, and the Cadillac XT5 will have it too.What do the Ford Focal point RS, 2017 Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XT5 have in common? Well, now notan entire hell of a lot. Something they all will share is all-wheel-drive eraofferedvia GKN Driveline. If that call sounds familiar it’s since the British corporateprovided the AWD machine for the Ford Point of interest RS. Its formulation is lovelycomplicated and is helping in the functionality department, which is why it’s a littlestrangeto peer IT coming to a Buick sedan and Cadillac crossover.ShareA 4x4 Off-Road Muscle Car? Sure, Why The H...Lamborghini Is not Messing Around With Its ...Tesla Just Sweetened The Deal For Drivers ...So some distance as Buick is concerned, the performance facet of the GKN system is a welcome promoting point. "This has a true operationcomponent to it, with giantadvantages on acceleration and cornering. We think this may accept more play in warm-weather states where buyers makehistorically eschewed the AWD option.” The ones comments got here courtesy of Doug Osterhoff, marketing manager for the LaCrosse, and were relayed to Car News (AN). The GKN system is authentic in that it uses two clutches placed in the midst of the rear driveline module. It replaces the desire for a differential as the grasp packs can send up to one hundred% of the to be had torque to the rear or the front wheels.amongst the XT5 there may be an method to disconnect the AWD system utterlyso asto spice upgasoline economy. Here is done manually in “Tour” mode and will also be done automatically in other modes when using 40 mph or more. You nearly certainly won’t would like topurchase a LaCrosse just on account of this all-wheel-drive system yet it’s still a pleasing selling point. The posh sedan and crossover markets are damn crowded, and for brands like Cadillac and Buick which aregambling catch up any exclusive feature helps. Whether grandpa chooses to hoon his new LaCrosse is on him. Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share

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Autoblog Minute: 2015 Year in Review for Cadillac and Buick

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The XT5 crossover debuted at the 2015 Los angeles auto show. It bethe most importantcar for Cadillac as the professional replacement of the preferred SRX. The new crossover sheds 278 pounds over the old SRX, while providingan additional 3.2 inches of internal space. XT5 will feature the similar 3.6-liter V6 as the CTS and ATS sedans. All-wheel drive comes as an option.

GM's other luxury brand, Buick, offered the 3rd generation LaCrosse at the l. a. Auto Show. The 2017 LaCrosse good points updated design encouragedthrough the Avenir thought vehicle, a lighter weight frame, and is punctuated by Buick's go back to the red white and blue coloring on its tri-shield badging.

And the ones are the highlights from Cadillac and Buick's year in review. For Autoblog, I'm Adam Morath. Autoblog Minute is a short-form video news series reporting on all things automotive. Every segment providesa snappy and transparentimageof what istaking place in the automobile industry from the viewpoint of Autoblog's skilled editorial staff, auto executives, and industry professionals.

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We Truly Hope Buick Has The Balls To Bring A Wagon Stateside

We Truly Hope Buick Has The Balls To Bring A Wagon Stateside

Car News via carbuzz.com

Share on Facebook Proportion on Twitter Hell, it's going to even stay the Opel badge if needed!For whatever reason, drivers in the U.S. honey crossovers yet hate wagons. That’s just an unluckytruth of life. However, in Europe other people love wagons. Buick could also be up for bucking the fad and borrowing from abroad, a minimum of if a up to date trademark application filed December 16 is any indication. Consistent with AutoGuide, the automaker has moved to trademark Regal Tourx and Tourx. Now what do the ones two names must make amongst wagons? We concept you’d never ask. You did ask, right?ShareSome Say Here'sThe maximum productive BMW M3 Of All Ti...Is A Lamborghini For Not up to $5,000 The ...This Six-Wheeled Dodge Vitality carriage Is Begg...Remaining year we learned that GM used to be thinking of uploading the Opel Insignia (the German Regal) from Germany to the US, rebadging it as a Buick in the process. Well, a laugh fact, there’s an Insignia Tourer and as you guessed it’s a wagon. Now “Tourer” and “Tourx” aren’t the similarobserve but damn it all if they don’t glancejust a little similar. Of path this trademark application may mean nothing. But we would love to trust that Buick is as a minimum exploring the prospectof making a Regal wagon. Crazier things, like the Verano-based hatchback to be hadsimplest in China, have currently happened. Here’s hoping Buick pulls the causein this one. The United States wishes a wagon renaissance.Share Share Share Share Share Share Share

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we really hope so

Trademarks imply Buick Regal wagon might be at the way

Car News via autoblog.com

AutoGuide reports that Buick has filed two trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Workplace for "Motor land vehicles, namely automobiles." You'll be in a position to see the trademarks for "Tourx" and "Regal Tourx" here and here. "Tour" smacks of wagon models, whilst the "x" for all-wheel force makes us wonder whetherperhapswe're going to exist seeing a rebadged version of the high-riding Opel Insignia Country Tourer (shown above).

This will not bethe primary time Buick has stoked the hopes folks carriage fans, though. Previous this year, trademarks were filed for the "Regal Recreation Touring," a callthat is very on the topic of the Euro-market wagon's title. In fact, that trademark had the similar description as the Tourx/Regal Tourx filings.

As now we have established before, automakers report trademarks all of the time. It isa long way from a be certain thatthe rest will come of such trademarked names. Still, two wagon-ish filings with the USPTO from Buick in beneath a year makes it appear to bethere isa minimum ofany person at the Trishield logo that's campaigning for a long-roof Regal. Combatthe nice fight, friend.

GMC Needs To Gobble Up SUV Sales Even though It Way Cannibalizing Buick

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Share on Facebook Proportion on Twitter Rebadge all of the things!or so a year ago we shared news that GM used to be thinking of rebadging the Chevrolet Trax, which beganlifestyles equally the Buick Encore, as a GMC model. At the time we wondered how the pass made sense, especially since Buick and GMC dealerships share space. Smartlyit sounds as if that’s no longera largefear for the pinnacle honcho at GMC. Small SUV sales are at an all-time high, that means a GMC Encore/Trax/??? mayrather well exist in the making. This sentiment become relayed to Car News (AN) by the use of GMC boss Duncan Aldred.ShareThe Jackass Who Lied About Drowning His Bu...Wait? How Long Till Lotus Replaces The El...Infiniti's New Q50 Just May Have The Hor...Aldred is reputedlytrying to find an SUV to compete in the scale category of the Jeep Renegade and other in a an identical fashion small models. To be fair his line of reasoning makes sense from a trade standpoint. "That segment has grown so fast. I stay telling everyone, 'How can Total Motors' truck emblemno longer be in the fastest-growing segment in the industry, an SUV segment?” Yes, Aldred has a point: GMC is lacking out on sales as it doesn’t be offering up a toddler SUV. Still, is rebadging a car these days sold in existing dealerships the neatest ideas? Patrons aren’t precisely idiots after all. Somethingvalue noting is that Aldred may be the boss of Buick, so it’s in contrast to he doesn’t see or realize the cannibalization aspect. We have nowwere given to build world-class brands. If the primary thing we do is ask, 'Well, hasn't Buick got one?' Then we arerepeatedly suppressing one brand for another,” he told AN. The Encore has enjoyed brisk sales this year and might potentially see 70,000 gadgets moved by way of the finish of 2015. If Aldred can upload to that by providing the Encore as a GMC style then why the hell not? Share Share Share Share Share

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We If reality be told  Do not Think The Buick Enclave Is Lousy And Here's Why

We If reality be told Do not Think The Buick Enclave Is Lousy And Here's Why

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Share on Facebook Proportion on Twitter preciselylisten the States out this one time.The Buick Enclave isn't that popular of a automobile to buy. With somany far bettercompetition like the massive array of SUVs from Mercedes-Benz,Audi and BMW, most of the people wouldn’t even give the Enclave a 2d glance.However, (and hear us out) the Buick Enclave is now not equally bad as you mightthink. Let’s get started off with the powertrain. The Enclave has a 3.6-liter V6engine that creates around 280 horsepower and around 270 lb-ft of torque. That doesn’tsound that much but if you’re usinground the city, 280 hp is more thanenough.ShareWould You Rather Be In The Band Adventure Or...The Tesla Fashion S Won't exist As Badass As ...Dodge Tells Luke Skywalker To Suck It With...Also, on account of its engine and transmission, it gets around 17/24 mpg town and highway, respectively, which is beautifuljust right for a car that may weigh up to 5,000 pounds when utterly loaded. The external is hit-or-miss yet if you need a luxurious, handsome seven-seater SUV that doesn’t paymentsuch a lot money, the $39,000 Buick Enclave is a slightlygood-looking car. As for luxury, the internalis actuallysmartly done. The total lot in the automobile is either leather or picket and the plastics aren't as dreadful as you get on a Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord. It’s trulyat thepoint of BMW and Audi. The infotainment deviceis muchgreater than what you get on the Cadillac SRX, too.Share On the Cadillac, everything was once touch-sensitive so seeking to purpose it whilsthaving a look at the street is a little tricky. However, the Buick Enclave’s infotainment formula has knobs and buttons. They’re not as high quality as what you get on the similar German SUVs but they are at ease and simple to use. The guidance bikeis extremely simple. Those days, practically all automobiles accepta ludicrouschoice of buttons on the steerage wheel so it will also be very clunky and/or toughto realizeto commence with glance. The steering wheel on the Enclave doesn’t have many buttons but it has ample to make driving snug while not making you're feeling cluttered. Your hands won't be perplexedand this is the reasona fair thing. Share Overall, the interior is effectively laid out and the end is not as bad as chances are you'll think. The remainder of the equipment is well-trimmed and it’s a rather handsome car. We’re curious as to why there will not be many more Buicks on the road, especially the Enclave. Share Share Share Share Share Share

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What's Taking place With Buick In these days and age  Except for Rebadging Opels?

What's Taking place With Buick In these days and age Except for Rebadging Opels?

Car News via carbuzz.com

Share on Facebook Proportion on TwitterMayanything exist coming to Detroit next month? In all probability information technology all began amongst the Enclave, a full-size luxury crossover that literally, overnight, turned into the trendiest thing for well-to-do football moms. Even these daysother people howeverhaven't anytroublemeting outa minimum of $39,065 so asto seemexcellentwhilstlooking for a parking spot at Costco. Believe its 2008 releasethe beginning of Buick’s design renaissance. It used to be time to ditch the old man’s vehiclesymbol for good. Newly minted Buick leader designer, Bryan Nesbitt, has played a large role in Buick’s new starting for the beyond several years.ShareDid Ford Just Get rid of The Wish to always P...Volvo Is Prepping A Tuned Polestar S90 To ...Here's The Maximum Outlandish Porsche 911 You...He worked as the top of design for GM China, which also occurs to be, for some reason, Buick’s best market. In a contemporary interview with Car News, Nesbitt admitted that Buick, even thoughregarded asby way of GM to be a regional brand, is actuallychanging into something global. For example, he said that, with the exception of Brazil, GM has "designers sketching Buicks in each and everyunmarried studio in the world…we have connections with our Opel peers, like the Cascada. We have a massive number of collaboration with China itself...Korea does quite so much ofpaintings on our compact SUVs. And Australia ended up theming the Avenir." Talking of which, it was practicallypreciselythree hundred and 65 days ago at Detroit where the pretty Avenir Idea was first unveiled.It certainly previewed a sportier and more dynamic Buick, yet what’s the observe up? The second-gen LaCrosse looks good, but it’s still now nota truefunctionality sedan. What we would like is either a coupe or sedan in keeping withthe similar RWD platform as the hot Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac ATS. Call it a reborn Grand National if you’d like, but it wishes to have the Avenir’s styling affect and, if possible, a V8. Heck, even a twin-turbo V6 would be suitable. It’d be anything else but an old’s guy car. Call it reborn American muscle. Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share

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Buick confirms US-market Envision CUV to be built in China

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The Buick Envision was once designed, engineered and tested in Michigan as a world-class luxury crossover to issue the world's absolute best competition. It become awarded Motor Style SUV of the Year in China and has 127,085 sales thus far this year. When it is going on sale in 2016, it is going to play a very powerful role in a crossover lineup that recently represents 60 % of Buick sales in North America. It objectivesshoppersbuying groceries between the Encore, the best-selling Buick in 8 years, and the Enclave, which has endured to grow its visitor base since its 2007 introduction.

252-horsepower (186 kW) 2.0L turbo engine with stop/start technology, matched with Buick's first crossover car application of HiPer Strut front suspension and Buick's first Active Twin Clutch all-wheel-drive system

Efficiency-enhancing functionsadding upper grille shutters that open and with reference togive a spice up to aerodynamics on the dual carriageway and a framelayout incorporating mass-reducing high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels and a light aluminum hood