Ds2014 Maxima With Rims

2014 Nissan Maxima

2014 Nissan Maxima

Car News via topspeed.com

As equipped, the Maxima looks way moreyounger and sporty than its tenure out there would suggest. In fact, there is even a bit of of modern day Infiniti Q45 about the slinky lights, large fender arches and boxed jaw. The Nissan Maximas absolute best asset is still its $31,000 base price, which holds the line for 2014. The SV trim is now about $700 more expensive, yet brings big upgrades in apparatus and handling.

The vintage 4DSC is not the golden functionalityvehicle that it once was, when it was once a standout with its same old V-6 engine and manual transmission. The ones days are long past for the Maxima in this generation, as a CVT automatic saps some of this big sedans hot rod charisma.

The sports sedan idol at Nissan changed intoobviously passed to Infiniti nearly a decade ago, so where does that leave this flagship in investors minds as hostile to the Acura TL or the hot Chevrolet Impala ?