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Advanced Performance Parts (APP Europe) has unveiled a new customization program for the new Nissan 370Z. The APP Nissan 370Z comes with a 20 inch Lexor Oxigin rims, that come in black and white, and 245/30 and 275/30 tires. The APP Nissan 370Z features a MR Car Design exhaust system and Stoptech High Performance brakes with 6 piston calipers and 380×32 mm discs on the front and 4 piston calipers and 355×32 mm discs on the rear. The APP Europe Nissan 370Z has also been lowered by 30 mm with the use of a KW version 3 coilover kit to improves the handling of the APP Nissan 370Z
Renault Latitude is a generously-dimensioned saloon car. Its nicely balanced proportions and elegant lines point to the exceptional comfort and wellbeing occupants can look forward to onboard. This promise is confirmed by the refinement and high quality finish of the cabin, as well as by the interior's carefully selected materials and occupant-friendly layout. Renault Latitude is a new addition to the Renault range. It is a large saloon, with a length of 4,897mm, a width of 1,832mm, a height of 1,483mm, a 2,762mm wheelbase and front and rear overhangs of 1,035mm and 1,100mm respectively
New Renault Scenic heralds a fresh approach to the compact MPV segment. Thanks to its compact forms, taut lines, distinctive rear lights and sporty front-end looks, which take their inspiration from those of , Scenic exudes a sense of sporty dynamism more readily associated with the world of saloon cars. Renault Scenic's styling features a blend of fluid and taut lines. Its dynamic appeal is underlined by its three-part grille which, like that of Renault Mégane Coupé, is based on a central air-intake incorporating a smart black crossbar, flanked by two scoops picked out by satin-finish chrome trim
New Renault Mégane Hatch is designed to win over a particularly exacting clientele and combines styling cues from both the world of sport and the passion associated with cars. From a very early stage, Renault's Design Department worked hand in hand with the project engineers to incorporate sporty styling and robustness into Mégane's genetic make-up, and both are exuded by the new model's generously dimensioned body panels and sweeping curves. The result is a family hatchback of 4,295mm in length with an unmistakably dynamic stance thanks particularly to its short front and rear overhangs, its wheelbase of 2,640mm, its steeply-raked roofline and wide front and rear tracks (respectively 28mm and 33mm wider than )
The new Nissan GT-R may well be the most accomplished and technologically advanced high performance car ever made. One of the world's fastest vehicles, it is also probably the world's easiest and most secure high-speed car to drive fast. The multi-performance supercar Nissan GT-R raced through the Nürburgring circuit - where the condition of the fearsome high-speed corner, "Kesselchen" was wet - with a time of 7m38s. The new Nissan GT-R is also striking value, offering much better performance - in acceleration, cornering power and braking - than all equivalently priced sports coupes
Renault Clio Estate is a compact estate car that meets customers' expectations for a manoeuvrable car combining personality and loading volume. Its appealing profile, as sleek as any hatchback, hints at true driving pleasure, while the inclined rear screen and flowing lines suggest the car's leisure-vehicle vocation. As on allmodels, the passenger compartment is welcoming, comfortable and well-finished. Flowing, dynamic lines Renault Clio Estate is one of the most compact estate cars on the market; just 4,202mm long
Renault has chosen the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show to unveil Renault Laguna Coupe Concept, its vision of a top-of-the-range grand tourer Coupé - the . Intended for the discerning motorist, who understands performance, driving pleasure, and refinement, Renault Laguna Coupe Concept successfully marries high-tech with high cool. Underpinned by the Four-wheel Active Drive chassis, its boasts a brand new V6 dCi powertrain developed as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Built on the same platform as New Laguna, Renault Laguna Coupe Concept is a powerful, elegant affirmation of the long tradition of classic coupés