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OETTINGER has unveiled their refinement program for the 2010 Amarok. With skilful modification of the motor management, the Wolfsburg tuner has been able to release a total of 140 KW (190 hp DIN) from the new 2.0 Litre two stage control BiTDi engine. The torque increases by 30 Nm (22 lb/ft) at 1500 rpm, compared to the standard vehicle. The additional torque of up to 50 Nm (37 lb/ft) allows not only swift progress but also the alternative of relaxed gliding at low revs on main roads and in town
The Portuguese National Institute for Search and Rescue has chosen the robust all-wheel drive for its quick response team which carry essential life saving equipment. Each Amarok has been fitted with an emergency lighting bar, racking for surf boards and an exclusive exterior design inspired by the original that previewed the Amarok at the IAA Hanover commercial vehicle show in 2008. The new Amarok was launched in the UK earlier this year and is available as a double cab pick-up with four doors and space for five adults
The pickup from Volkswagen begins its international career as a Double Cab with a four-door body that offers impressive space. The two-door Single Cab version that permits a longer truck bed will follow in the first half of 2011. Volkswagen Amarok customers can choose from three different driveline versions: permanent all-wheel drive, selectable four-wheel drive (both 4MOTION) and rear-wheel drive (4×2). The latter represents the entry-level version and should appeal to customers who are mainly interested in the pickup’s body styling and versatility of its use
The new Volkswagen pickup, showcased as a last year and due to be launched in Europe in 2010, is to be called the Amarok. The new name means ‘wolf’ in the language of the Inuit, one of the Eskimo people who live in northern Canada and Greenland who highly regard the wolf as king of the wilderness and a figure of robustness, endurance and superiority. It translates into ‘he loves stones’ in the languages spoken in South America. Developed from scratch, the Amarok will be launched as a double-cab pickup with four-wheel drive, while a single-cab version will be introduced later
The Volkswagen Amarok, which will be available as a four-door double cab version from launch with a single cab model to follow in 2011, combines the robustness of a pick-up with innovative technology, high safety standards, excellent fuel economy and Volkswagen standards of comfort, quality and durability. Production of the Volkswagen Amarok is about to start at the Volkswagen factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina ahead of its worldwide launch starting in its native South America in early 2010 and in Europe in the summer of 2010, with first models expected to be in UK Volkswagen Van Centres in September 2010