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The Chevrolet Cheyenne was a concept truck created by the General Motors marque Chevrolet. It was first introduced at the 2003 North American International Auto Show. The Cheyenne had innovative technology not used in any production car yet, such as its side access doors and unique cargo bed. The Cheyenne's cargo bed had many storage drawers, very similar to the Honda Ridgeline's bed. The Cheyenne also featured side access doors that were used to load and unload cargo from either side of the Cheyenne
Detroit, Jan 6, 2003 The design thesis: merge European rallye car performance and style with some of the convenience and capability of the American sport-utility vehicle. The result: the Dodge Avenger concept. The Adrenaline Red Pearl-colored Avenger, unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, gives American drivers the rallye car style and performance usually seen only in video games. This high-tech passion and performance is packaged in a real-life vehicle that is robust and capable enough to get occupants into their own adventures far removed from the video screen